Gratitude Will Guide You

By Ricky Mendez

Thank you.

If you can see, have you said thank you for your vision? If you can hear, have you said thank you for your hearing? If you can walk and talk, have you said thank you for your legs and your voice? How about your mentors that helped you; have you thanked them lately? It’s 12:04 pm on a Wednesday and, so far, I’ve said ‘thank you’ 36 times and counting. Every day is Thanksgiving for me.

I’m not saying that we should be consciously reminding ourselves every second of the day to give thanks – we wouldn’t be able to get anything accomplished. I am suggesting to drive it into your subconscious and let the gratitude guide you every single day. It’s so very simple, but what I’ve found is so few people display the miraculous power of gratitude consistently and even fewer make it a habit.

Saying thank you is the all-natural antidote for fear, anger, and stress. You don’t have to drink for it and you don’t have to take a pill for it. All you have to do it think about it and deploy it – thank you.

This is a marvelous filter to put on your life! Put the filter on your life first, you can put the filter on your photos later.

Besides and the wonderful chemicals that you release in your body when you’re in a state of gratitude, it opens up your awareness. An awareness that there is something so spectacular out there and it’s easy to connect with. If you connect for a day, you change your day. If you connect for a week you change your week. If you make this a habit you change your life.

Once this awareness sets in (say for about 30 days) you will start to crave it, seek it, and deploy this electric feeling of gratitude to people you know. You begin to turn challenges into victories; failure into learning; and pain into vitality because you see the world through a different filter than most. This becomes infectious and synergistic and you start to say ‘thank you’ again and again and again.

I have discussed this topic in regards to getting parking tickets, stress at work, car accidents, disease, and even a murdered parent. Its power is like no other.

But how can something so simple and so basic make such an impact on your life? In my opinion, the answer is as simple as the words itself. Because when it changes your perspective you become aware. When you become aware you can start on the greatest road ever traveled – the road of self-development and fulfillment.

So, today, work on yourself the hardest and say thank you to 1 person that has helped you be successful. I bet you’ll want to do it again tomorrow.

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