I help businesses increase revenue while maintaining an amazing culture.

I help businesses increase revenue while maintaining an amazing culture.

Do what your mentors teach you! I was fortunate to have great mentors in my professional career that helped me with business and my personal life. My most influential mentors taught great lessons of discipline, leadership, and contribution.

They offered me their time, their knowledge, and their experiences which was fascinating to me. Since I consider myself an eternal student, I continually asked questions upon questions and their answers lead me on a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement. I learn by listening, I grow by implementing, and I contribute by sharing.

My profession was sales, but what I learned was that their teachings can be applied to any facet of life. This journey skyrocketed my quality of life. As I learned more, the more I realized how little I knew. My curiosity grew into a love for creating my life the way I wanted it, and knowing exactly what that meant to me. I developed my definite major purpose in life; my magnificent obsession. Not only did my quality of life skyrocket, but the lives of those around me did as well; it was then that I started to understand the power of influence and how to use it for greatness. My mentors massively improved the quality of my life and it’s my responsibility to pay it forward.

I have learned that the greatest force in the world, besides love, is contribution. As my mentors have taught me – the secret to living is giving.

To understand one’s power to direct one’s mind each and every morning towards the life you want is an excitement that knows no limits. To be able to help facilitate the achievement of a goal; whether that goal be financial, spiritual, ordinary, or extraordinary is an enthusiasm that becomes infectious. Whether it be helping someone make more money than they’ve ever made, buying their first home, creating more loving relationships, or just taking more control of over their life it’s excitement that lasts many lifetimes.

This drives me. To know that I can help facilitate a higher quality of life to a family member, a friend, or even a stranger is awesome. To understand this power and to execute it consistently is utopic.


Ricky has been President, VP of sales, and COO of companies spanning Southern California over the last 10 years. We have implemented my Mindset, Prosperity Planning, and sales programs in all companies in order to build a culture and foundation that can support explosive growth. With the help and dedication of our teams, Ricky has overseen operations in excess of a half-billion dollars in southern California, and have appointed key personnel to implement the mindset and sales programs.

Many of the great relationships have been with national brands such as Home Depot, Costco, American Residential Services, and Sears where Ricky have spoken at national conferences to share his ideas and best sales practices.

Ricky’s specialty has been to rebuild divisions of mediocre or failing businesses. Again, with the support of our team, we have accomplished this repetitively and Ricky believes it all starts with the foundation of the proper culture that facilitates and celebrates the success of others. In rebuilding these companies, Ricky has faced some severe challenges and obstacles that have confirmed the strength of his teachings through consistent implementation of a positive mindset and Prosperity Planning.

Ricky Has Worked WIth:

Keynote Topic: A Winner’s Mindset and Prosperity Planning

Ricky believes in first understanding the fundamental and foundational principles of success in your life and business. Once these are learned, you have awareness. Once they are implemented, you achieve growth. Once they are shared, you understand synergy and contribution. We exist to help facilitate this journey.

His keynote will provide a new way to approach life from both a personal and business standpoint. You and your employees will never look at themselves or the company the same way again and they will start to ask questions – what is it that truly drives me? How can I contribute?

Ricky attacks the issues of procrastination, mediocre sales, and a minimalistic mindset in an organization by changing the way people think; therefore changing what is thought to be impossible to probable.

This will facilitate a more profitable and energizing company.

Your employees will not only understand the importance of having a winning mindset and a prosperity plan, but also how to construct, use, and share themselves as they create synergy throughout the organization. This drives behavior and creates the right habits that benefit themselves, their families, and their companies. Whereas others simply motivate with tactics that eventually fade away, Ricky inspires and leaves everyone with easy to follow, step by step directions. These directions lead to habitual and consistent action, leading to immediate and impactful results.

Keynote Topic: Be The Best Version Of You – Feel The Vitality

Ricky believes in taking massive action towards the health and energy you deserve; in setting the bar for your family and friends in regards to health, fitness, and vitality. If you feel sluggish, run-down, or uninspired then it’s time to look in the mirror from a biochemical standpoint.

Ricky discusses and uncovers the destructive nature of acidity in our bodies and bloodstream and how to counteract the forces that are making you feel sluggish and tired. He will teach you how to “change your oil” and how to fuel yourself with high octane fuel. Once your body has the energy level you desire, taking action becomes inherently easier and easier. Ricky lost 65lbs, has kept it off, and now feels the magnificent energy of vitality every single day.

Ricky would never ask you to implement something he hasn’t already done.

Keynote Topic: The Art of Earning The Sale: Explode Your Revenues

Ricky believes in utterly exhausting every single sales opportunity as it is the river of life for any organization. The more people understand this, the more they will truly value every opportunity. He believes in the greatest sales book of all time – Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Suess. But have you earned the right to ask for the sale? Have you earned the right to ask for more money than your competition?

Ricky has built dynamic and value-based sales processes and implemented them for massive growth across many industries. Your sales process will never be the same! Ricky will introduce you to the B.E.A.S.T, a systematic approach to higher margin sales and more referral business. At his core, this is Ricky’s greatest strength. He will share the same processes and procedures that allowed him to break national records as a professional sales consultant, VP of sales at companies, and a COO of major organizations across the country.

Ricky will cover a step by step sales process with emphasis on non-threatening ways to ask for the order again and again and again. He will share practices that allowed him to earn over $87,000 in a two-week time frame, but more importantly, how to duplicate and scale these practices.

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